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Bespoke Shutters design and install a range of solid wood shutters made from only the very finest materials including Cedar wood and Basswood.


If you require a natural wood finish to your interior shutters, then Cedar wood makes the obvious choice. Its rich colour and tight, straight grain with very few knots means it produces wonderful plantation shutters and solid shutters that with a simple wax or polish, stand out as truly beautiful pieces.

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Cedar Wood and Tree Description

Our Vancouver shutter range is offered in stunning Western Red Cedar or Thuja Plicata. This particular Thuja is known by several names but most commonly as; the Pacific Red Cedar, the British Columbia Cedar, the Canoe Cedar, the Giant Cedar and the Red Cedar.

The Western Red Cedar is a large tree, growing to between 40 and 150 feet (12 to 45 meters) and up to 22 feet (7 meters) in trunk diameter and some can live for nearly a thousand years. Native to the northwestern United States and southwest Canada, carbon dating processes indicate that the tree first grew around 6600 years ago. Prevalent then, it currently makes up about 20% of that region's flora.

Present in many other areas the Western Red Cedar is among the most widespread trees in the Pacific Northwest. It’s reddy brown timber is valued for its distinct appearance and natural resistance to decay. For this reason it is used extensively in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, posts, decking and of course shutters.


Another great choice for internal window shutters is Basswood or Tilia Americana. This is a competitively priced hardwood and a popular material for shutters. The Bespoke Shutters “Boston" range is produced entirely from Basswood.

American Basswood and tree description

Basswood or Lime as it is also known is a large fast growing tree of central and eastern North America. It is generally a multi stemmed tree that grows as well from seed, as it does from stump. For this reason it can regularly be harvested and with the correct forest management or coppicing, it will continue to produce quality material for many years.

It is a medium to large deciduous tree growing to a height of 20-40m with a trunk diameter of 1-1.3m. The crown is domed with often pendulous, spreading branches and it’s bark is gray to light brown in colour, with narrow, well defined cracks or fissures.

Its roots spread large and deep giving it good anchorage, Smoother red-green twigs turn grey in year two and then a darker grey brown later. Flowering early to mid summer; pollination is by bees, which gives the Basswood tree the nickname The Honey Tree or The Bee Tree.

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