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Window Dressings for the Dining Room

As more and more families eat their every day meals on the kitchen table, the dining room has become an area that is reserved for special occasions. It is a place where the whole family can gather together to enjoy a special meal or friends can be entertained; a room which has been filled with beautiful furniture and where the best crockery is used. It is important then to consider the window coverings in the dining room, to ensure the room looks its very best.

When deciding on the most fitting window dressings for your dining room, it can be helpful to consider the following:

Is your dining room window overlooked?

If so, then privacy with style is going to be important. Choose a window dressing that maintains your privacy without compromising on natural light.

Venetian wooden blinds suit this situation perfectly. They can be partially opened allowing daylight into your dining room whilst keeping out the eyes of neighbours or passers by. Just perfect for warmer evenings, the slats can be positioned for maximum airflow, introducing a welcome and cooling breeze into the room.

Plantation shutters also work well providing privacy and security without compromising on airflow, daylight or ventilation.

You may add some heavy luxurious drapes to your window to add a sense of luxury and elegance to your dining room and provide extra privacy and warmth during the long winter evenings. Since neither Venetian blinds nor plantation shutters intrude into the room space, this contemporary shutter drape combination works very well in all sizes of room.

Do you entertain frequently?

Dining rooms that are in frequent use need practical and versatile window coverings. This enables for maximum enjoyment of your dining room at different times of the day. Plantation shutters are the ideal choice of modern window covering. They are easy to clean and are the most versatile window covering available allowing for maximum control over light, ventilation and privacy. Whether you need to allow in some air as your dinner party hots up, or want to create a light, bright atmosphere for a family lunch, plantation shutters give you all the control you need for perfect entertaining.

Does your dining room front on to a busy road?

For dining rooms that front on to a busy road, full-length solid shutters make the ideal choice. They provide the best noise insulation of any shutter design and they are perfect for creating an intimate dining experience with candles and soft music.

Do you want to create a romantic style dining room for intimate suppers for two?

For the perfect romantic setting, compliment your shutters with sumptuous drapes made from silk, velvet or suede. They can be tied back during the day to allow the light to enter and then drawn during the evening adding a cosy warm glow. Use deep colours like reds, pinks and shades of purple to create a soft, sensual mood and a lasting feeling of comfortable elegance.

Are you lacking in space?

Interior window shutters work particularly well in rooms where space is at a premium. They do not protrude into the room as much as curtain fabrics and they don’t blow around in the breeze like blinds. Their clean lines will compliment any style of dining room and their bold, simple styling will add the perfect finishing touch to the exterior look of your home.

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