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Window Dressings for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a room we spend a third of our lives in. It is important to create a nurturing, relaxing well-functioning room that enables us to get a good night’s sleep and awake feeling refreshed and revitalised. Our guide to bedroom window dressings is designed to help you do just that!

When deciding what kind of window dressings you want to use in the bedroom, it can be helpful to consider the following:

Is your bedroom window overlooked by anyone?

If so you need to choose a window covering that maintains your privacy in a stylish way.

Plantation shutters are also a good choice here, as the louvered panels will give you full privacy as well as allowing daylight to filter into the room – creating a light airy space and a natural start to the day.

Are you near to a busy road?

For bedrooms that face a busy road, or a noisy street full of bars, then full-length solid shutters are the ideal choice. They will provide the best noise insulation, especially if combined with heavy curtains over the top. Solid shutters are also good for people who need to block out the light in order to sleep.

Does your bedroom feel cosy and romantic?

If you want to create a romantic, cosy atmosphere to spend intimate time, then consider adding sumptuous drapes made from silk, velvet or suede. And tie them back with elaborate ties to allow the light in during the day. Warm colours such as reds, pinks and purples will help to create a warm, sensual mood and the softness of the material will make the room feel relaxing and help to absorb sound.

Are you lacking in space?

Shutters work wonders in small spaces, as they protrude less than curtains, and create a clean simple look.

Pulling the look together

Try creating a mood board before you start – adding pictures and samples of styles that you like. In general, shutters and blinds tend to look best if matched with the colour of the window frame. If you decide to add curtains to your window, then choose materials that complement your existing soft furnishings for a sophisticated, elegant look.

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