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Window Dressings for the Home Office

Working from home can be really enjoyable, if you have a well-designed home office. Apart from having sturdy office furniture and a comfortable supportive chair, it is also important to get the light in the room right, to avoid eyestrain, headaches and tiredness.

When choosing window treatments for your home office it can be useful to consider the following:

Is your desk positioned near to a window?

Working in natural light is by far the most beneficial of working environments, and positioning your desk near to a window will ensure that you make the most of the daylight that is available. However if the room gets the sun at certain times during the day, then you will need to have some kind of window treatment in place to deflect glare from your monitor. South facing windows will require the most thought, as they receive sun throughout most of the day.

Plantation Shutters are excellent choices of window dressing for this situation, as the blinds or louvers can be positioned to allow some light into the room, whilst screening the direct sunlight.

These will also give you control over your view – as there may be days when you need to be fully focused on your work and find people and/or activities outside of the window a little distracting.

Is security an issue?

If your home office is overlooked, particularly from a busy street, then it may be advisable to put up solid shutters, plantation shutters to hide your computer equipment from view. These will give you the same privacy as net curtains, with a stylish, modern look.

Is space at a premium?

If your home office is lacking in space, then choosing a window treatment that lies flat against the window will help to avoid a cluttered look. In his case go for louvered shutters.

Shutters or blinds – which is best?

When choosing between shutters and blinds, personal taste will play a big part in deciding which to go for. However here are a few pointers that may help you decide.

  • Venetian blinds can be noisy if you like to have the window open whilst working, as they will blow around with the breeze.
  • Solid shutters are a good choice if you like the appearance of these, and have enough room to open the shutters during the day. Avoid these in small dark rooms though, as you will reduce the amount of natural light that is available.
  • Plantation shutters are perhaps the most versatile solution, as they allow for natural light, are easy to clean and allow air to circulate without blowing about.

For more help in choosing the right window shutters for your home, please contact us. The Bespoke Shutter Company supply and install a full range of blinds and shutters in North London and the home counties, including Venetian and vertical blinds, plantation shutters, solid shutters and cedar shutters.

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