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Window Dressing for the Bathroom

Often the first room we visit in the mornings after we wake and the last room we visit at night before we retire, our bathrooms have become increasingly important to us in recent times. Much is made in the press and on television of just how important it is to present a modern contemporary bathroom and it has been said many times, that bathrooms (and kitchens) sell houses. So why let your bathroom window dressings spoil the picture?

Getting the right look

Getting the right look together for your bathroom windows can be difficult. Nowadays it's not enough to rely on the old frosted or opaque glass window treatments. They are tired, old hat and just too commonplace. Roman blinds, roller blinds or curtaining won't do either since these are prone to mildew, inevitably picking up the moisture in the air and retaining it to create that damp fabric odour which is so difficult to eradicate.


Getting the ventilation right in your bathroom is imperative. The high presence of water vapour in the air will result in mildew and damp forming if this issue is not addressed. Fortunately, with plantation shutters, this need never be a problem. Plantation shutters can be adjusted to allow just the right amount of ventilation to prevent mildew and damp from becoming an issue.


Nothing beats natural light in a room and this is as true for the bathroom as it is for any other room in the home. With plantation shutters, you can regulate the exact amount of natural light being allowed into your bathroom so, whether you want the light to flood in while you bathe or would prefer a relaxing and soothing bath by candlelight, all you need do is adjust the shutters accordingly.


The position of the louvered slats which are central to the design of plantation shutters can easily be altered, so as to restrict the view of any prying eyes. This is of course essential in a bathroom environment since we do not want any uninvited guests peering in on us. Complete privacy is achieved through simply tilting the slats to such a degree, that it becomes impossible to see through them and yet, if your window is open, you will still benefit from natural light and fresh air.


Plantation shutters are easily cleaned; simply wipe them down with a damp cloth on a regular basis. If you keep up with this low level maintenance, you need never do any more than that and your shutters will look as good as new for years to come. Even if your shutters have not been cleaned for a while, a little bit of elbow grease should be all that's required.

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