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Solid Shutters FAQs

What are solid shutters?

Solid shutters are an interior fitted window treatment that is much sought after today. They are vertically hinged and designed to concertina, making it possible to partially or completely, open and close the shutters.

What are solid shutters made from?

Solid shutters can be constructed from Red Cedar for a natural wood finish and other hardwoods – which can be oiled, stained or painted. Whilst traditionally made from pine, which tended to rot, these modern materials are chosen for their durability, aesthetics and longevity.

What are the benefits of installing solid shutters?

Added Security - Solid shutters increase the security of a home. Potential thieves are much less likely to want to intrude on a property if they cannot see inside it.

Lighting Moderation – Solid shutters can be opened and closed at will, allowing you to moderate lighting within the home without the upkeep and fuss of drapes. They will also create near black out when closed, making them ideal for use in the bedroom.

Noise Reduction – Solid shutters fitted to the windows of a home located close to a busy road, will reduce the amount of noise polution within the home.

Authenticity – The re-installation of solid shutters helps to complete a restoration project, returning a period property to its former glory.

Aesthetics – Solid shutters look simply fabulous, complimenting both the interior and exterior design of a home, whatever its age.

Why are solid shutters so popular?

Solid shutters were typically fitted to the interiors of windows in larger houses from the Victorian era. This style of house is still very popular today and many people are keen to restore these grand old buildings to their former glory. This restoration may involve the reinstatement of shutters which, over time and through neglect, have perished.

Such is the appeal of these older style houses, that modern house builders are today, emulating the design concept, installing shutters in new build properties for that authentic older feel.

How do they differ from plantation shutters?

The difference between solid shutters and plantation shutters is that solid shutters are not louvered.

What styles do they come in?

Solid shutters are available in both the Vancouver and Pheonix ranges.

The Vancouver is constructed from Western Red Cedar wood which is finished with oil to enhance the wood’s  natural beauty. Strong and light, cedar will not warp over time making it ideal for the construction of solid shutters.

The Phoenix range is constructed from light, strong and durable hardwoods. It is offered in a wide range of coloured or stained options and has a beautiful grain that looks fantastic in the modern home.

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