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Wooden Window Shutter Types

The Bespoke Shutter Company supply and install interior window shutters and wooden blinds throughout London and the Home Counties. We offer a very stylish range of window treatments including plantation shutters, solid shutters, tier on tier shutters, café style shutters full height shutters, along with wooden Venetian blinds and wooden vertical blinds.

Our interior window shutters come in a range of solid and engineered woods and all are manufactured to the highest quality. A guide to the different types of shutters that we work with is presented below.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are a must have on today's interior design feature list. Their clean, simple lines appeal to our desire for a modern, contemporary look that is both stylish and practical and very easy to maintain.

A large part of their appeal lies in their versatility. They can be produced from a vast range of materials and fashioned to suit every kind of window opening regardless of shape or size. They can also be coloured to match or complement any existing décor, instantly becoming an integral part of a pre-existing theme or, a design statement in their own right.

The Bespoke Shutter Company supply and install made to measure plantation shutters in a range of hardwoods and finishes.

Plantation Shutters – click here to view our range of designs.

Solid shutters

Solid shutters hark back to the original style of shutter; tall, flat wooden panels, hinged on the vertical axis, which fold back on themselves, creating a concertina effect. This simple design is as popular today as it has always been, which is testament to its effectiveness.

Constructed from cedar wood and other hardwoods, solid shutters combine time honoured, traditional looks with longevity and versatility. They can also be used as folding or concertina tracked partitions and very good quality, light folding doors.

Solid wood shutters add value and bring a sense of security to a home as well as helping to save on fuel bills. They help protect against draughts and are very effective at reducing external noise pollution.  Offering a near black out solution they are also a very effective guard against light pollution and can be of benefit in bedroom's of light sleepers.

The Bespoke Shutter Company supply and install made to measure solid shutters in a range of hardwoods and finishes.

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Tier on tier shutters

Tier on Tier shutters are a type of plantation shutter and offer a very popular alternative to the full height style. Often designed to fit the full height of a window aperture, they are built in two sections, an upper section and a lower section. These sections open and close independently of one another allowing you to control them separately.

This particularly useful attribute allows you to guard against the sun’s rays at different times of the day. For example in the morning or evening, when the sun is low in the sky, you can close the lower louvres to keep the direct sunlight out, but still have the upper set open allowing daylight in. In the afternoon, this arrangement can be swapped around.

Tier on Tier shutters are available across our ranges with the exception of the Seattle range and we recommend our Phoenix range of hardwoods, which are lightweight, strong and durable are therefore ideal for this purpose. With the Phoenix range, there are 7 shades of white and 17 different stains and colour finishes to choose from, all of which enhance the rich, textured grain for a stylish, contemporary look.

Tier on Tier Window Shutters - Click here to view our range of designs

Café style shutters

Café style shutters are a stylish and cost effective way of introducing shutter window treatments to your home. Applied to the lower half of a window aperture, they are the modern, on trend alternative to net curtains.

Popularised by the French Café's of the Champs-Elysée, these window treatments facilitated privacy and allowed lighting levels to be controlled very easily. This flexibility has lead to them becoming extremely popular for use in kitchens and living rooms as people love the sense of controllable privacy and freedom they provide.

We offer Café style plantation shutters  in both louvred and solid panel styles, and in a range of finishes including natural and painted wood.

Cafe Style Window Shutters - Click here to view our range of designs

Full height shutters

Full height shutters cover the length and breadth of a window aperture. They are the simplest most straight forward design of plantation shutter but this does not detract from their style. Their clean lines draw the eye and they lend an air of elegant sophistication to the home from both inside and out.

Full height shutters are ideal for use in any room of the home and can even be used to cover patio windows, French and sliding doors. The full height shutter can also be used as  a room divider or vanity screen. The vertical concertina enables the shutter to stand alone, providing the perfect screen or divider for larger rooms in the home.

Full Height Shutters – click here to view our range of designs.

Custom made shutters

We provide custom made shutters of all kinds including interior shutters, internal shutters, specially designed shutters, square shutters, framed shutters, wood shutters, painted shutters, lacquered shutters, oiled shutters, stained shutters, cedar shutters, basswood shutters, engineered wood shutters, solid panel shutters and louvered shutters or louvred shutters.

Wooden shutters or wood shutters

The modern, contemporary alternative to net curtains, wooden shutters provide a chic and stylish answer to your interior window covering needs. They are a perfect choice when it comes to giving your room sets a fresh modern feel that will appeal to everyone.

There are many advantages to installing wood shutters. The first of these is the sheer beauty of having the solid wood in your home. These stylish, chic window coverings can be made to measure to fit your windows perfectly. 

Another great benefit of wooden shutters is that by virtue of their rotating slat design, they can easily be positioned to exactly the right angle, allowing as much, or as little light into a room as required.

Our solid wood shutters are made from hardwoods such as Cedar, Basswood and Phoenix as well as modern engineered woods.

Modern shutters

Wooden shutters will give your living or work space a modern, contemporary feel. With varying slat widths you can enhance the feel of any room from the modern to the more traditional. Interior window shutters provide a distinctive feel and create some wonderful lighting effects, complimenting any interior decor. A low cost alternative to many other window treatments, they provide the perfect combination of modern style and classic good looks

Louvred shutters or louvered shutters

The term "louvers" or "louvres" refers to the rotating wooden slats that are the key design element in plantation shutters. These louvers are attached to the frame of the shutter and rotate from the vertical or closed position to the horizontal or open position. This rotation allows you to exactly regulate the amount of sunlight being allowed into your home or work space.

As well as sunlight, they are used to regulate air flow. Set at the horizontal, they will allow virtually the same airflow as a fully extended window whereas set at the vertical, airflow is cut off exactly as it would be, if the window were closed. This feature means that a window can be fully opened, even in the case where perhaps there isn’t the room to open a casement window.

Patio window shutters / Patio door shutters

Patio window shutters and patio door shutters provide the perfect glass coverage solution. The shutters covering the glass in each door or window can be opened and closed independently giving you all the flexibility you need. They can be fully opened in the horizontal, or fully closed in the vertical, or somewhere between these two extremes, allowing you to control the amount of light entering the room.

Patio window shutters can be stained or painted to a colour of your choice making it possible to match or compliment existing décor. When fitted as part of a complete window dressing, they can completely transform the look of your home from both inside and out, making an ultra modern statement with their classic clean lines.

Contemporary shutters

Shutters offer a contemporary window treatment for the most modern of homes. Offering a clean, practical alternative to drapes or net curtains, they are virtually maintenance free, requiring the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them looking at their best. Privacy and lighting levels are easily controlled; the slightest tilt of the wooden slats will regulate lighting exactly whilst also improving privacy and security. Their modern, clean, contemporary lines will grace any home, giving it unrivalled curb appeal.3

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