Wooden Window Plantation Shutters for a London Home

Shutter style guide – Getting the look that's right for your home

This article has been written to assist you in choosing the right shutters to enhance the look and feel of your home. Whether the shutters are for your main family residence, a second home or rented property, a number of factors will need to be considered, among them, security, aesthetics and maintenance.

Shutter types

Having decided upon the installation of shutters for your home, you have the choice of a number of different designs. You can choose between solid shutters, those being hinged vertically to concertina and provide near complete blackout or, plantation shutters. The latter are slatted laterally and can be opened and closed at will, to regulate light and ventilation.

What's more, within our plantation shutter range, there are 3 great styles to choose from. These are full height, tier on tier or café style, each serving a different purpose and delivering a strong, on trend style message.

Full height plantation shutters

As the name suggests, this style of shutter covers the entire window aperture. They are ideal for all types of window in any room of the home. They can be used on patio doors, picture windows and sliding doors and they also make very effective room dividers. Their clean lines and stylish functionality will add a contemporary feel to any home.

Tier on tier plantation shutters

These shutters are designed as two separate pieces working independently of one another. When fully closed they resemble the full height shutter but they differ because you have the option to open either the top or bottom half whilst leaving the other half shut. The versatility of this arrangement means that just the right amount of light can be allowed into a room whilst prying eyes or direct sunlight can be kept out.

Café style plantation shutters

In the plantation style, the Café style louvered shutter is a shutter that covers the bottom half of a window only. Taking inspiration from Parisian cafes, it was designed originally to allow in light whilst offering the diners shade and privacy. The contemporary alternative to net curtains, they are an extremely popular window treatment adding character and style.

Solid shutters

The solid shutter differs from the design of the plantation shutter in that instead of having slats that run laterally, they are hinged vertically. This vertical hinging arrangement allows them to concertina back on themselves, meaning you can open them either fully or partially or, close them completely. In their closed position, the solid panels they are made from offer near total blackout.

They offer ideal insulation from noise and added security for the home. They are increasingly popular amongst the owners of Victorian homes as they look to restore these period homes to their former glory.

Hardwoods like Cedar are ideal for this purpose as they are very resistant to rot. They complete the traditional look and are very long lasting. This style of shutter can also be used as room partitioning and even as folding doors.


Once you have decided on the style of shutter that is right for your home, the next decision to make is which material you will choose to have them constructed from.

Red western cedar is the ideal choice for those wanting a natural wood finish. Highly resistant to warping, the material is also lightweight, making it ideal for shutter construction. Cedar is chosen for its strength, durability and beautiful graining. If you want cedar then choose our Vancouver range.

If you prefer a painted finish, then our Phoenix range is ideal. These are constructed from another lightweight hardwood making them strong and durable. Ideal for the tier on tier design and wide windows, the graining in this wood really stands out when varnished or oiled and the simple, clean lines of the design finish a home with contemporary style.
For a low cost option, the Seattle range is our best value product. Constructed from engineered wood, which is hardwearing, the wood is coated in a polymer giving a smooth, wipe-clean surface for ease of maintenance. The tier on tier style of plantation shutter is not available in the Seattle range. The Boston range is also competitively priced, made from Basswood.

In bathrooms and other harsh environments, the bathroom range is the best choice to protect against damage from water and humidity.

Click here for more information on the ranges we have available.

Colour / Finish

Our shutters are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. You can choose from:
9 shades of white, 24 wood shades and the full colour spectrum. We can custom paint most of our shutter ranges to suit any colour styling or they can be finished in varnish or oiled. Click here to view our range of finishes.

For more help in choosing the right shutters for your home, please contact us. The Bespoke Shutter Company supply and install a full range of shutters in North London and the home counties, including plantation shutters, solid shutters, cedar shutters and louvre shutters.

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