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Plantation Shutters FAQs

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are louvered panels fixed either inside or outside windows and doors. They are an attractive alternative to blinds or net curtains and add a new dimension to any building exterior. Easy to maintain, they provide protection against the elements and enhance security and privacy in your home.

What types of plantation shutter are there?

The three main types of plantation shutters are full height shutters, café style shutters and tier on tier shutters. Full height shutters cover the length and breadth of the window. They are also used as room dividers and to cover patio and sliding doors.

Café style shutters cover half of the window, so provide privacy in your home whilst still allowing in plenty of natural light.

Tier on tier shutters are a versatile window treatment that consist of 2 sets of shutters, one above the other. This allows each to be closed or opened independently, providing great control over light and privacy.

What are plantation shutters made from?

Plantation shutters can be constructed from Red Cedar for a natural wood finish, various hardwoods – which can be oiled, stained or painted and engineered wood coated with polymer. We will advise on the best choice of material to suit your home and budget.

What are the benefits of installing plantation shutters?

They help control light levels: the louvered slats of plantation shutters can be adjusted to create optimum lighting in a room. When open, daylight can pour into your home, creating a bright, well-lit environment that is perfect for dressing, reading or cooking. The slats can also be closed to create a darker environment suitable for daytime naps or watching TV.

They provide increased security: when closed, the louvered slats will stop passers by or neighbours looking into your home. They can also be angled partially open, to allow some light in, but interrupt the line of sight. In addition, the extra layer of wood that shutters add to a window, makes an extra obstacle for someone to get past if they try to force entry.

They help insulate your home: plantation shutters offer some protection against the loss of heat through your windows as they create an extra layer of insulation.

They improve ventilation: the slats of plantation shutters can be partially opened to allow air into the home, without compromising on privacy.

They look good and are long lasting: shutters of all types offer a clean, contemporary alternative to net curtains and blinds. Due to the hardwoods and engineered woods they are made from, they are also extremely long lasting, and will stay looking great for many years after installation.

How do they differ from solid shutters?

The difference between plantation shutters and solid shutters is the slats or louvers that plantation shutters contain. Solid shutters do not have the adjustable slats and are instead built with solid wood panels that cover the window aperture.

What styles do they come in?

Plantation shutters are available in the Vancouver, Phoenix, Boston and Seattle ranges.
The Vancouver is constructed from Red Cedar wood and is the ideal choice material when a natural wood finish is required.

The Phoenix range is constructed from light, strong and durable hardwoods. It is the ideal choice for wide tier on tier openings and comes in a wide range of coloured or stained options.

The Boston range is crafted from Basswood.

The Seattle range is manufactured from engineered wood with a polymer coating. This is a strong and cost effective option, available in three shades of white. Note: tier on tier shutters are not available in this style.

What finishes are available?

Shutters are available in a wide range of colours, including white, wood tones, and painted colour choices. The range of finishes available will depend on the style of shutter you choose.

How are they maintained?

Internal window shutters are very easy to clean and maintain. Providing they are looked after regularly, then a wipe down with a damp cloth is all that is required to remove any dust and dirt. Even heavily soiled shutters can look as good as new.

For more help in choosing the right plantation shutters for your home, please contact us.

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