Home insulation with solid shutters or plantation shutters

Keep your home warm this winter with solid shutters or plantation shutters.

With autumn here and the cold winter weather fast approaching, the time has come to think about home maintenance, security and warmth. After all, it won’t be long before we’re pulling the curtains, reaching for the blankets and turning the central heating up full in an attempt to maintain privacy and keep warm. Solid wood shutters and plantation shutters can help make your home snug and secure this winter, assisting with heat retention, privacy and security.

How solid wood shutters and plantation shutters will help to retain heat

Cold winds and rain beating at your windows can quickly reduce the temperature of a room, making it feel chilly, draughty and uncomfortable and forcing you to turn up the heating or stoke the fires much earlier than you might otherwise have done. The installation of plantation shutters or solid wood shutters will help to keep your home or office warm in two ways. Closing your solid wood shutters or moving the slats of your plantation shutters to the vertical 'closed' position creates a barrier, which drastically reduces the amount of heat lost through your windows. They also insulate against draughts coming in from the outside.

How solid shutters and plantation shutters can improve your home's privacy

Solid wooden shutters and plantation shutters improve your home's privacy by stopping people looking in. In the case of the solid wooden shutter, these open and close in a concertina fashion, hinged as they are on the vertical axis. This means that they can be fully, partially or completely closed. When completely closed they achieve virtual blackout and make it impossible for neighbours or passers by to see through them.

In a similar way, plantation shutters can also be fully, partially or completely closed. Plantation shutters work differently to solid wooden shutters in that they open and close on the horizontal axis as well as concertina. The slats rotate through 180° varying the amount of light allowed to pass through them as they turn. This rotation has the effect of interfering with a person’s line of sight and it is this interference that prevents people from being able to see into your room.

How solid shutters and plantation shutters can improve your home's security

As discussed above, fitting your home with plantation shutters or solid shutters will increase your home's security by making it harder for people to see into your home. Both types of shutter also provide an extra layer of protection, covering your windows, which will act as a deterrent to unwelcome intruders.

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