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Keep your home cool this summer with Plantation Shutters

Now that summer has finally arrived and with temperatures reaching 25 degrees plus in many parts of the country, we are all feeling the heat.  Both during the day and at night, it is feeling hot and uncomfortable in many homes and offices – but plantation shutters can help to ease this discomfort.

How plantation shutters can keep your home or office cool during the day

Blazing sun through a window, whether open or closed can heat the interior of a room to high temperatures very quickly. In the workplace this will lead to reduced productivity as the work force slow their output in an attempt to deal with the heat. Similar effects will be felt at home as rooms become stifling and uncomfortably hot.

The installation of plantation shutters gives you direct control over the amount of sunlight entering a room. The effect of blocking the sun’s rays is achieved through the slanting nature of the shutters themselves. The louvered slats deflect glare and heat away from the room, which has the effect of cooling your home or office and increasing productivity and comfort levels within it.

The slats however, do not need to be fully closed to perform this function and this is key to their ventilating and lighting capabilities. Even just half closed, they will block the glare and heat from the sun but still allow daylight and ventilation to enter. With this form of window treatment installed, productivity and comfort levels both at home and in the workplace are bound to increase.

How plantation shutters can keep your home cool at night

There is nothing worse than a sleepless night caused by a hot stifling bedroom. However in built up areas, many people are afraid to sleep with their window open and dislike the noise of a fan. Once again plantation shutters provide an effective solution to reducing the heat in your bedroom.

Plantation shutters, with their louvered slats will allow the cool night air into the room, whilst the shutters themselves remain closed.  This provides all of the benefits of ventilation without compromising on security.

An added bonus and an aid to privacy is that when the shutter slats are tilted, a person’s line of sight is interfered with to such an extent, that it is impossible to see through the shutters into the room. This is particularly useful in the evenings since at night when it is darker outside, it becomes increasingly easy to see inside a room, especially when the interior lights are on. Without shutters installed, any passer by will be able to see directly into the home or business premises leading to an invasion of privacy and a possible security risk.

And what about when this hot weather has gone

Our short seasons in the UK mean it won't be too long before all this hot weather becomes a dim and distant memory. But even then, your plantation shutters will come in extremely useful. Rather than protecting against heat they can still assist with ventilation, privacy and security. Your shutters will also help to improve the appearance of your property, from the inside and out, giving it clean and contemporary style.

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