Why Choose Interior Shutters over Exterior Shutters

What are interior window shutters?

Interior window shutters are window shutters housed on the insides of the window aperture and glass window panes. One type of interior shutter is the solid shutter; hinged on the vertical axis to the left and right of the window aperture, these shutters will swing open and closed in a concertina motion, allowing or restricting the light, visibility and airflow into the room.

Another type of internal window shutter is the louvered plantation shutter. This type of shutter also concertinas but also benefits from slats or louvers running horizontally. These louvers rotate through 180° moving from vertical or closed through to horizontal or open, back to the vertical closed position. These also allow or restrict more light as they rotate.

Interior plantation shutters can be configured in a number of different ways. A full height shutter will, as the name suggests, run the full height of the window aperture. A half height or café style interior shutter opens in the same way but will cover only the bottom half of the window aperture, allowing daylight to stream in through the top half. Tier-on-tier plantation shutters are effectively two café style shutters placed one on top of the other. This arrangement allows for the top and bottom halves to be opened and closed independently of one another and is particularly effective at screening sunlight at different times of the day.

Internal shutters provide the home-owner with many benefits throughout the year. In the warmer months, they are excellent for helping control the temperature in the room, allowing ventilation and light control without blocking out natural light. They help provide privacy and security and in winter, help keep the home warmer by reducing heat loss through the window panes. Interior window shutters are made from a variety of hard woods including Cedar and Basswood. They can be painted, stained or oiled to the finish of your choice, to blend in with your décor and furniture.

What are exterior window shutters?

Exterior window shutters are those fixed to the outside of a building. They can be functional, in which case they are used primarily for protection against the elements, or they can be used purely for their aesthetics.  These shutters are commonly made of aluminium, fibreglass or PVC since these materials are resistant to the effects of the elements but if they are made of wood it is far better to use a hardwood like Cedar, Mahogany or Teak.

Exterior window shutters are particularly useful if a house is to be closed for the season. In this case solid panels or board and batten shutters are preferred. These protect against prying eyes, and protect windows against breakage from windblown debris, hence the expression "to batten down the hatches".

Why choose interior window shutters over exterior window shutters?

  • There is a greater choice of woods for interior window shutters
  • Interior window shutters are lighter and therefore easier to operate
  • There are a greater number of staining options for interior window shutters
  • There is a greater choice of colours for interior window shutters
  • There is a greater choice of styles for interior window shutters
  • Interior window shutters are a focal point of your interior design
  • Interior window shutters will last longer as they are not exposed to the elements
  • Interior window shutters will not need replacing or refurbishment
  • Interior window shutters are easy to keep clean and are very low maintenance
  • You need never have to clean curtains or nets again

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