The History of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters, also known as louvered shutters consist of louvered panels that are fixed either inside or outside of windows are doors. Plantation shutters are a popular form of window treatment that have been used for over a century to provide security, privacy and protection from the elements. Timeless in design, beautiful louvered shutters are now seen across the world in a variety of property styles.

Plantation shutters originated in America and the West Indies and date back to before the American Civil War. All of the plantation shutters you will see on this site are in pre-war style designs and made from a variety of woods as well as mdf.

The term itself comes from the time when the Spanish were colonising in the Americas, and wide louvered shutters painted white were seen on all of the big plantation houses in the south of America.

Shutters in general have a wider history and it is thought that the earliest shutters were used in ancient Greece to provide privacy, ventilation and shade from the sun. These were made from marble. As the use of shutters widened to other hot Mediterranean countries, the designs evolved and shutters with movable slats made out of wood were developed as a more versatile solution to combating the heat and creating the right level of light and privacy at any given time.

In England and other north European countries, solid shutters were used extensively during medieval times. At this point in history, windows were not made with glass, so solid shutters provided a firm closing which was essential for security.

As England moved into Tudor and Elizabethan times, glass started to be used, although it was very expensive and so only added to the top half of half of windows. Shutters at this time were generally still used on the bottom half of windows. After the fifteenth century, window glass became more widely used and shutters were hung for decorative reasons as well as for insulation and security.

In the Victorian age, solid pine shutters became fashionable, and this style of shutter, made from more durable hardwoods such as cedar, is again popular today as home-owners restore their Victorian property to its original style.

Nowadays, a wide range of shutters are available as both internal and external window shutters. They provide an attractive alternative to blinds and are particularly suited to town houses where maintaining privacy without compromising on natural light is important.

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