Decorating a Teenager's Bedroom: Top Tips

Decorating a Teenager's Bedroom: Top Tips

A teenager's bedroom is a multi-use area: it's a relaxation space, a hangout zone, a place where they play computer games, listen to music, and (hopefully!) study. As they spend so much time in this space, it is important they have some sort of say in how it will look. So, aside from the basic furniture requirements for a bedroom, such as a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk and side table, they will appreciate having an input. Here, Bespoke Shutters, London, gives some top tips to think about if you are decorating a teenager's bedroom.

Privacy – Teenagers enjoy their privacy and value their independence, and some even like to have notices on their door to keep their siblings out. Aside from knocking before entering, another way to help your teenager keep their privacy is to think about installing shutters as window coverings for your London home. Whereas with curtains you only get two choices – open or closed – tier-on-tier plantation shutters gives your teenager much more flexibility as they can decide exactly how much light (if any!) they want to filter into their room. They also allow better light control when viewing computer screens, helping to avoid glare.

Paint Colours – Giving your child the freedom to choose their own paint colours is a great way for your teen to express themselves. Some teenagers want to steer away from magnolia and paint a wall in a bright colour, such as pink or blue. While a garish colour might not be your preferred choice, as they evolve and grow they will appreciate being involved in the decision-making process for their room.

Creative Board – Having a creative board, or even a free run of a complete wall, is a great way for a teenager to express themselves and feel inspired. They might want to stick photos up of their friends, cut photos and articles out of magazines, hang post-cards and inspirational messages, or even have a large ‘draw on' wall map to dream about all the places they want to visit. This gives them a chance to unleash their imagination and express what's important to them.

Desk – A desk is a teenager's must-have, so they have a quiet place to study, message their friends and play their games console. A solid desk with a comfy chair and sufficient lighting will ensure they are comfortable for study. There are all sorts of desks available from large, solid wood desks, to corner desks. If the room isn't big enough, try to find a quiet area of the home which can be turned into a study area.

Seating – Space permitting a cosy chair or a sofa will create a chill-out area when their friends pop round. If there's not enough room for either of these, just a few comfy floor cushions, or a bean bag is ideal.

Storage – Some teenagers need lots of storage space for their clothes, shoes, books, files, grooming items, sentimental stuff and electronic equipment and accessories. However, if their room is a bit cramped, storage boxes and shelving could suffice.

Mirror – Whether you have a teenage boy or girl, the chances are they will spend quite a bit of time in front of the mirror before they head off to meet their friends, or join you for a meal out. A mirror on the front or on the inside of the wardrobe is a great space saver; alternatively, you could hang a full-length mirror behind the door.

Bed – If the bedroom is large enough, try to invest in a double bed for your teen. The bed is very much the focal point of the room and is likely to double up as seating, a desk and, in some cases, a beauty salon. It's more comfy for your teen and gives them plenty of sleeping space. By choosing their own bedspread they can also put their own personal stamp on the space.

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