Top Tips for Keeping Your Shutters in Superb Shape

Top Tips for Keeping Your Shutters in Superb Shape

One of the benefits of shutters is that they are much easier to clean and maintain than curtains or blinds, which can easily accumulate dust, dirt and grime which isn’t always easy to shift.

The Bespoke Shutter Company, who supply and install made to measure shutters in South London, Essex and Hertfordshire, have come up with these top tips to ensure that your shutters look good throughout the year.

Dust First

Dust each of your louvres (or panels, if you have solid shutters) on each side with a dry dusting cloth, preferably one with microfibres. These will pick up virtually any bacteria on the surface, and they have the added advantages of being reusable. You won’t need to use a chemical cleaner with them either. When cleaning, always wipe from the centre of the shutter to the outside edge.

You may need to use an extendable feather duster for higher areas, depending on the nature of the shutters you want to clean. For example, full length shutters will be harder to reach than a tier-on-tier or café-style option.

Shutters which cover large, angled bay windows (pictured above left) will take a lot longer to clean than a single shaped shutter (above right) so, if you only have a limited amount of time, just adjust the shutter’s louvres to the closed position and wipe the frame and slats once over.

For Hard-to-Shift Dirt

Sometimes there may be hard-to-shift grime in the corners of your shutters which isn’t easy to get at with a cloth. Shift it with a dry, clean toothbrush, then wipe it down with a dry cloth afterwards


For a deeper clean, you can use a vacuum cleaner to ensure your shutters are in tip-top condition. However, take care over which type of attachment you use – a soft-brush nozzle is less likely to damage the blind than a hard-edged or metal one.

If you are using a brush nozzle, it’s still a good idea to put the vacuum on a standard setting and clean the whole area around the shutters afterwards. This will ensure that any dislodged dust or grime on the windowsills or floor is removed as well.

Deeper Stains

In some rooms in the house, such as the kitchen or a child’s bedroom, shutters can be more susceptible to damage from splashes. In these cases, use a slightly damp cloth to shift the stain, followed by a dry one to remove all moisture from the area immediately afterwards. This will ensure there is no possibility of residual moisture damaging the wood over a long period of time.

Another way of avoiding moisture-related problems is to use the waterproof shutters from the Bespoke Shutter Company, which we also supply and install for homes and businesses in Essex, Hertfordshire and many areas of London. Made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, these are 100% waterproof and are ideal for bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens.

If All Else Fails...

You can touch up your shutters with special shutter paint for any long-term stains that can’t be removed.

Made to Measure Shutters from The Bespoke Shutter Company

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