Ten Top Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Ten Top Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The bathroom is the space to relax and unwind in the evening and is also the place where you rush to get ready on busy mornings. So, it should not only serve as a haven of tranquillity, but ideally it should be an organised space where you can quickly find everything you need. That said, the bathroom is often the most neglected room in the home where little is done to personalise this space; however, there are ways to improve on this area without opting for a complete revamp.

Here are ten top tips from Bespoke Shutters London, suppliers of top-quality waterproof bathroom shutters, on how to transform your bathroom into a luxurious yet functional zone with the minimum of effort.

Products – Decluttering is the quickest way to turn your bathroom into a restful space. So it’s worthwhile spending a half hour or so clearing away lotions and potions and putting them aside before giving your bathroom a good scrub. Leave only one or two of your most glamorous bathroom items on display, including scented soaps, expensive shower gels, body scrubs; and decant other products, such as budget hand-soaps, into pretty bottles.

Storage - Store any products that you don’t want on show in cabinets. A stack of small boxes or wooden chests also look appealing and can double up as seating. For very small bathrooms, hang hooks or racks behind the door to make the most of this space. If you don’t have room for a cabinet, shelving is another option, with all your essentials stored in boxes or baskets.

Towels - Gorgeous oversized fluffy bath towels and bathrobes feel luxurious against the skin and are just what you need after a soothing bath or shower. Face cloths stored in a basket by the sink can be used by you and your guests as mini-hand towels. If you don’t have room for a chest in your bathroom, a stack of folded hand and bath towels on shelving looks good and avoids clutter.

Windows - As in any room of the home, making the most of natural light is uplifting, and bathroom shutters help create a light and airy space. Tier on tier and full- length plantation shutters allow you to adjust the slats to let the light in, while still maintaining privacy on busy London streets. Our new bathroom shutter range is fully waterproof, with a colour range including 5 different shades of white.

Lighting - You don’t necessarily have to go for conventional lighting in a bathroom. A chandelier looks elegant, and side lighting and candles add a romantic touch. It’s well worth investing in a dimmer switch, as this helps set the mood. It means you can alter the brightness for getting ready in the morning, or when you just want to relax and unwind in the evening.

Furniture - Another way to individualise your bathroom is with furniture, such as a bathroom cabinet or wooden chest. If you have a large bathroom, either a side table, chair, chest of drawers, cupboard or even a wooden rocking horse all adds charm.

Mirrors - While mirrored cabinets create a streamlined, minimalist look, feature mirrors add drama and impact and create a focal point. Meanwhile, sumptuous ornate or gilt framed mirrors are ideal for traditional homes.

Artwork - Hanging restful pictures or quirky wall art is a great way to add individuality to this part of the home. Add a splash of colour with a vibrant print to bring this space to life, or, for a more traditional feel, black and white pictures are chic and stylish. For those who prefer artwork inspired by nature, a driftwood heart hung on the wall, or a decorative handmade wooden or metal wall feature adds a contemporary touch and makes a fantastic focal point.

Fragrance - Diffusers, potpourri and fragrant sprays all evoke a relaxed spa feel and create an inviting environment when friends or family come to stay. Lit scented candles on shelving will also make your bathroom feel homely – they not only smell great, but they look stylish too.

Flowers - Another way to vamp up your bathroom is by putting a small vase of flowers on a table, window sill, or by the sink. This adds beauty and fragrance to the room and visitors or family are bound to admire your creativity.

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