Four Decorating Ideas for a Modern Attic Room

Ten Steps to Creating a Luxuriously Cosy Interior This Winter

Want to make your home cosy for the party season, but don’t know where to start? Transforming your interior into a snug haven is easier you think and just a few simple adjustments can make a huge difference to the overall look. Here, Bespoke Shutters, London, looks at ten steps to take to beautify your interior, so you can enjoy comfy nights in during the coldest months of the year.

Plantation Shutters/Solid Shutters - Buying new window coverings? Shutters are an appealing way to make your north London home warm and inviting. Not only do they look elegant from outside and in, but they work as a sort of double or triple glazing and help reduce heat loss. To make your home even more energy efficient, you may want to consider combining wooden shutters with curtains to provide a further layer to help stop heat escaping. Solid wood shutters go with any décor and will add a year-round wow factor to your interior.

Textured Rugs - Patterned rugs, or plain textured rugs over a carpet or wooden floor makes a home look comfortable and stylish so you and your guests will feel at ease. If you have a minimalist home, a rug can add colour for an instant makeover, and if you have vibrant walls or soft furnishings, a textured rug in a neutral tone will help balance the look. Rugs help protect your floor and can brighten a plain carpet for a chic interior.

Cushions and Throws - Adding cushions and throws is a simple way to give your home a winter makeover. Use contrasting fabrics such as faux furs, silks and satins, or decorative cushions with embellishments, such as ‘rose petals’, ribbons, beads or buttons. Cushions don’t have to be in neutral colours just because it is winter; daring cushions in tropical colours can add a relaxed feel to your interior. Coordinate with a matching throw to have close to hand on movie nights.

Candles and Scents - Producing an interior that stimulates all the senses – including smell – is a small, but effective, change to make. Think about lighting a few scented candles before guests drop by, or to just create a homely atmosphere when you walk in through the door. Diffusers are long lasting and dotting a few about the home will generate a welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

Layered Lighting - Lighting isn’t just about having one or two overhead lights, layering your lighting will work wonders to transform your interior into a cosy sanctuary when the temperature drops below zero. Think about wall lighting, floor lighting and side lamps to add interest and make a room look smaller or larger. Little details such as fairy lights under glass table tops, or in vases, add a magical touch to your home and your guests will comment on your style.

Warming Fireplaces - If you have a fireplace, the festive period is a wonderful time to put it to use. Or, if you are not lucky enough to have a home fire, a portable gel fireplace works a treat and is a mesmerising focal point on dark winter nights.

Snacks and Nibbles - Although you might not want to put too much temptation in your way, having a few nibbles about the house is fun to do when guests drop by. Consider a decorative bowl filled with nuts, or colourful fruit, or a few wrapped chocolates or sweets for guests to help themselves to.

Oversized Mirrors - Mirrors in the hallway, bathroom or living room attract the light and make your home cheerful and warming. Place one above the fireplace or in a dark part of the home for a brightening effect.

Artwork - You don’t have to have a masterpiece on the wall but a painting or print that attracts your eye can be a great focal point. You can either decorate a room to coordinate with a favourite piece of art, or accessorise in reverse and find a painting or wall art that works well with your existing décor.

Occasional Chairs - This is another way to make your home snug. A small antique style leather chair in a discreet corner, or a bright modern chair that stands out, helps to transform your home into a relaxing environment that you can enjoy all year round whatever the weather.

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