Solid Shutters

The Bespoke Shutter Company, based in North London, supply and install high quality solid shutters. These are panels built with a solid insert instead of louvers, and were traditionally used in Victorian homes to increase insulation.

Nowadays solid shutters are again extremely popular in Victorian properties as owners carefully restore period features. Whilst originally solid shutters were made from pine or cedar, pine tended to rot. Therefore today, solid panel shutters are made using cedar or other hardwoods to provide a traditional look with a long life span. Solid shutters are also used a lot for folding/concertina tracked partitions and they make very good quality, light folding doors.

Along with enhancing the value of your property, installing solid shutters in your home will give you a number of excellent benefits. Solid panel shutters are more efficient at insulating from outside noises than louver shutters and offer near black out from light. They also enhance the sense of security you feel in your home.

The Bespoke Shutter Company supply and install made to measure solid shutters in a range of hardwoods and finishes.

Solid Wood Window shutter Solid Wood Window Shutter North London
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