Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are louvered panels fixed either inside or outside windows and doors. They originated in America and the West Indies and date back to before the American Civil War. The Bespoke Shutter Company based in North London specialise in Ante Bellum (meaning pre-war) plantation shutters.

Our range of Plantation shutters includes tier on tier shutters, cafe style shutters and full height shutters. Read below for more information on each of these different styles.

  • Tier on Tier Shutters

    Tier on tier shutters are a popular choice of plantation shutter due to their versatility. Tier on tier shutters consist of two sets of shutters, one above the other. This allows for each to be open or closed independently of the other – giving you great control over light levels and privacy...

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  • Cafe Style Shutters

    Café style louver shutters are a cost effective way to add shutters to your home. Originating from French cafes, they were used to create a cosy, private dining experience for occupants, whilst still allowing plenty of natural light to enter the room...

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  • Full Length Shutters

    Full height shutters are window shutters that cover the length and breadth of the window. They are the simplest style of window shutters and create a clean, elegant effect...

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