How to Make a Comfortable Guest Bedroom

How to Make a Comfortable Guest Bedroom

If you are transforming a guest room, this is the one room you can really go to town on. It’s the only space where you don’t have to think about where to place your possessions; instead you can concentrate purely on making a comfortable retreat for your visitors, and build a sanctuary where they feel relaxed, welcome and can sink into soft sheets at the end of the day.

For those who are decorating a guest room from scratch, you have a clean slate to try out your hospitality skills. Perhaps a good starting point is to take inspiration from some of the best London hotels that you have stayed at, or maybe a friend’s home. Think about some of the things you liked most about the décor. Was it the comfy mattress and pillows, the tranquil colour scheme, the calming artwork, quirky furniture, lack of clutter, beautiful choice of window coverings, such as wooden shutters, and/or the lighting that most inspired you? Write a list and see if you can incorporate some, or even all of these things in your own guest room.

It is generally the attention to detail that really matters when dressing a spare room, as these are the things that visitors remember the most. Here are some of the elements that you might want to think about when decorating a spare room.

Natural Lighting – If you have a room with generous windows, having sunlight stream into the room during the day, can be incredibly uplifting. However, you still want to ensure that your guests enjoy their privacy and aren’t woken up by the sun too early in the morning. One of the most flexible window coverings are plantation shutters, as visitors can adjust the slats to vary the light levels. It also helps keep the noise out if the guest room faces a busy London street.

Artificial Light – If the room is too small for matching bedside lights or wall lights, there are other ways to make the bedroom cosy. Think about adjustable desk lamps or floor lamps so your guests can point the light where they need it. For something that feels a bit more luxurious, why not choose a side lamp that can be switched on or off when your guest just touches the shade.

Towels and Toiletries – A cosy bath towel, hand towel and flannel neatly positioned at the end of the bed is a great way to make guests feel welcome. If you want to go the extra mile, why not put a miniature soap, shampoo, conditioner and/or shower soap on top of the towels? Or, maybe hang a fluffy bathrobe by the door for your guest/s to use? All these little extras work just as well in a domestic setting as in a hotel room.

Welcoming Scents – A room that smells heavenly feels instantly comforting. Perhaps you might want to put some potpourri in a dish on top a chest of drawers or dressing table, or put some fresh flowers by the bed? Another way to keep the room smelling fresh is to spray the bed linen with the soft scent of lavender, to ensure your guest gets a full night’s rest.

Added Cosiness – If your house gets quite chilly in winter and your guest room is well used, you might want to invest in a heated blanket, or at the very least a hot water bottle. Leave a couple of throws or blankets by the bed on cold nights, and possibly an extra pillow or two for additional comfort.

Tranquil Colours – Try to decorate this room in colours that feel soothing for your guests. Soft blues, greys, and/or whites are all very relaxing and will help your visitors feel at home. Choose artwork that blends well with your chosen colour scheme and is not too distracting, to help your guests drift off to sleep.

Adequate Storage Space – You only need the essentials for this room, such as one or two bedside tables, a wardrobe, and/or a chest of drawers for your visitors to put their clothes in. The trick is not to clutter your guest room with furniture, so the room feels spacious and inviting. If you have the space, however, a window seat with a few books beside it, can add a great finishing touch.

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