Four Decorating Ideas for a Modern Attic Room

Four Decorating Ideas for a Modern Attic Room

With the rising cost of London homes, more people are choosing to enlarge their property, rather than move house. And, one of the top ways of extending a property is an attic conversion, which will also add value to your house when you come to sell. According to BBC Homes, Victorian or 1930s houses are best for loft conversions because of the large amount of roof space they have. Here, we look at how to decorate a contemporary attic room with indoor shutters.

Shabby Chic Attic

The shabby chic look has been topping the fashion stakes for some time and because it is light, airy, and eclectic, where almost anything goes. Distressed finished wooden furnishings on stripped wooden flooring, or white painted floors, are a great choice for a shabby chic attic. And if you are the creative type with time on your hands, you can even buy second hand furniture and customise it yourself using stencils or have a go at the distressed look.

This type of decor has an air of romance; so French metal beds, decorative white framed mirrors, lace bedspreads and lots of cushions complete the look…not forgetting a cosy rug to sink your feet into on a cold night. It’s a great choice for a guest room, and for extra comfort, you can even go all out and place a Victorian bath in the centre of the room. Finish the décor with white wooden shutters which is ideal for this space as you can adjust the slats to make full use of natural light.

Industrial Style Attic

Industrial style furniture is still very popular, with factory-inspired furniture – such as apothecary chests, industrial cart coffee tables, school blackboard coat hangers, pallet tables, benches and stools with adjustable screws – taking pride of place in attic style apartments and homes across the country. Although original factory style furniture is hard to find, many furniture companies are recreating vintage furniture.

This type of furniture, which has its roots in yesteryear, is an ideal choice for a minimalist style attic. The mix of steel and solid wood is not only interesting and appealing, it looks fantastic in an attic rooms with exposed beams and brickwork. Timeless shutters fit perfectly with this sleek London style, which includes clean lines and fuss free designs. It is an ideal choice for an attic that doubles as a bedroom/home office.

Light Wood Attic Room

If you prefer a room with natural wood furnishings, light wood is a great choice because it gives the illusion of space, making the room appear roomy and welcoming. Sleek modern wooden bed frames with white bedspreads, reclaimed wooden chests of drawers and wardrobes, a cosy rug and a comfy chair is one way to decorate this space.

You can also add finishing touches such as picture frames in natural materials, a driftwood mirror, large vase containing twigs wrapped in fairy lights, and contemporary lighting. Shutters are a flexible choice of window covering, and if your window is too high to reach, motorised shutters are available through Bespoke Shutters.

Retro Attic Room

A retro attic room is a fun choice for this space – bright colours, bold, geometric shapes and eclectic drawer fronts. To make the look work, it’s always best to choose a few colours and use this theme throughout (not too many as the look will appear too cluttered). A chair in a vibrant colour, accessorised by a rug or print which picks out this accent colour, is ideal and you can highlight this furniture piece with a photographer’s floor lamp.

This look is ideal for an attic space that is used as a bedroom as well as a sitting room. If you prefer to go for natural materials rather than bold colours, leather chairs and cow hide rocking chairs also fit the retro trend, creating a cosy but spacious look. Shutters that match the wall paint will help draw the eye to your favourite furniture pieces.

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