Five of the Most Calming Colour Schemes

Five of the Most Calming Colour Schemes

Your home is your sanctuary; a place to relax and unwind in. If you lead a busy work, social and/or family life, your interior should provide a restful environment where you can shelve any thoughts of stressful events of the day and just put your feet up. While it may not be possible to switch your mind off completely from the day’s activities, research shows there are certain colour choices that can help make your environment feel more tranquil. Here, The Bespoke Shutter Company, who supply and install plantation shutters in the London area, reveals five of the most calming colour schemes.

Pink – While pink is not everyone’s top choice of colour scheme, it is associated with femininity and love, and is thought to be the ideal choice for bedrooms and living rooms as it is a peaceful colour. If you feel a pink room is too sickly, you can tone it down by mixing it with neutral colours such as grey or white. For instance, one idea is to paint the walls pink, the ceiling grey, install grey shutters, and finish your London room with a combination of white soft furnishings (such as sofas, beds and bedding) and pale blue furniture, such as tables and dressers. If you don’t like the idea of painting all the walls of a room this colour, a bedroom with a duvet cover featuring pale pink detailing is soothing.

Green - The colour of leaves, shrubs and grass, green evokes harmonious thoughts of nature and the environment, so it is a restful choice for an interior. Not only is it a good colour for bedroom walls, it’s also a great choice for living rooms too, and a green room teamed with white shutters makes a stunning combination. There’s is one downside though: it is said that too much green can make you feel very laid back! So, use home accessories to introduce other colours for energy.

Blue - Reminiscent of the sky and the ocean, this interior colour is a firm favourite as it generates feelings of serenity. Ideal for home offices and bathrooms, it is also a good choice for bedrooms too as it is said to ward off bad dreams! The only disadvantage of blue is that it can look cold at times, but one way to counteract this is to team it with white, such as white soft furnishings and shutters. The trick is to choose a grey based blue for a more relaxed environment.

White - White is light, clean and airy, so it’s the obvious choice for a tranquil interior. If you are short on space, it also has the added benefit of making a small room look larger. The only downside is that a white room, with white walls and furniture, can look dull and dreary. One way to add interest is to inject bold bursts of colour with artwork, fabrics, rugs and furnishings.

Brown - Brown is a solid, earthy colour and is again associated with nature and a calm environment. Mixed with reds, it can evoke feelings of warmth as it brings about thoughts of wrapping up warm on a cool autumn day. If you don’t like the idea of painting the walls brown, choose solid wood furniture and brown leather sofas for a secure and cosy feel. Finish the look with white plantation shutters.

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