Five Reasons Why Shutters are a Top Buy for Summer 2017

Five Reasons Why Shutters are a Top Buy for Summer 2017

In recent decades the market for plantation shutters in North London and the rest of the UK has soared. Gone are the days when people used net curtains to hide themselves from their neighbours’ prying eyes. Now shutters are becoming the window covering of choice, not only in the capital but in towns and villages up and down the country. Indeed, according to an article in the Sunday Times, the sales of shutters are rising at a rate of 35% a year, and this trend shows little sign of easing off. Here, Bespoke Shutters looks at five reasons why plantation shutters are a top buy for summer 2016 and beyond.

Aesthetics – Although plantation and solid wood shutters have been in use for centuries, their sleek look is very much in demand. Wooden, coloured, and particularly white shutters are timeless and elegant and go with any style of interior – whether that’s a traditional London home, or a plush contemporary apartment. Their good looks are catching too. As one customer said: “When I was having white plantation shutters installed in the bedrooms, bathroom and living room of my ground floor flat, several passers-by stopped to ask about them. Even now I have people asking about where I bought my wooden plantation shutters from and how much they cost.”

Fashion – If you take a popularity poll of shutters versus net curtains, the chances are that shutters would win hands down. Net curtains came into popularity in the 18th century, when they were used in conjunction with fabric curtains to help prevent the sun from fading furniture and carpets. In the 1960s, there were all sorts of floral designs of net curtains on sheer nylon fabrics, and some of these can still be snapped up today on vintage sites, as fabric for dressmaking or in millinery. Today, however, shutters are seen as modern alternative to net curtains, as they let the light shine through, while also keeping interiors private. Their timeless design, which has shown little change over centuries, means that shutters are here to stay.

Warmth – It is common knowledge that shutters act as a sort of ‘triple glazing’ to help keep homes warm in winter. They also do the opposite in summer. If some of the rooms get a lot of sun during the day (in my home it is the sitting room and guest bedroom), then the interior can feel hot and uncomfortable, even with the windows wide open. With plantation shutters, however, you can adjust the slats or close one of the tiers to vary the light levels, so the affected rooms feel cooler in summer.

Privacy – If you like to maintain privacy but still want a good view of the outdoors, tier on tier plantation shutters are a welcome choice. This is because, unlike curtains, you can easily adjust these window coverings. For example, you can open the top tier and close the bottom one so passers-by can’t look into your home, but you can still see out. Or, you can alter the slats on both tiers, leaving them part open to achieve a similar result.

Security – The level of security that plantation shutters provide is open to debate, but it is thought that with no glass or window locks visible to intruders they can act as a deterrent. The extra layer in addition to your windows serves as a privacy barrier and also provides added piece of mind when you are away from home.

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