Are Shutters Child Friendly?

Plantation shutters are becoming increasingly popular in the UK due to their versatility and modern appearance. Wooden shutters look beautiful in children’s bedrooms, and can be adapted as they grow older to suit their needs and designs of their room. White shutters will match the interior or their room as they grow older, and can allow them to have a feeling of privacy from the outside world.

In recent years, there have been reports of accidents with children caused by blind cords or chains, which has caused a shift towards using curtains or shutters in the home. Shutters are an ideal option for children as they take up much less space than curtains, which will free up more space for playing and toy storage. Bespoke Shutters, London, sell a wide range of wooden shutters in a variety of colours to match all interiors.

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Shutters are easily wiped clean to keep germs and bacteria away from your children, to keep your child’s room feeling fresh and looking spotless. Curtains often get covered in dirt and stains, which can be hard to remove without the help of a dry-cleaning company. Shutters, however, can be wiped down with a cloth, and any dirt or dark marks can instantly be removed.

Light Levels

Shutters can be adjusted to suit the changing weather and outside light in order to give your child a good night’s sleep. Plantation shutters can be tilted shut to block out light in the summer, to avoid your child waking up too early, and they can be left open a little throughout the winter, to allow natural light to filter into the room in the morning, which will soothingly wake your children up. This is also ideal for light sleepers, as the outside light and noise can be blocked out to help them sleep undisturbed.

Research has shown that light prevents the secretion of melatonin, which is a hormone that helps us to sleep. So it is important to keep your child’s room dark in order for them to get the rest that they need as they grow.

No Cords or Chains

Many young children in the UK have suffered from serious injuries, or worse, as a result of getting tangled in cords and chains on blinds. Plantation shutters do not have any cords, and are moved by simply pushing the slats upwards or downwards, which is safer and easier for young children to move. Curtains can often be slipped or tripped, on which can lead to nasty bumps on your children’s heads, whereas shutters are simply placed over the window, often completely out of reach of young children for a safer option as they grow up.


Children or adults with allergies will benefit from using wooden shutters as they can easily be wiped down to avoid a build-up of dust. This is ideal for those who want to avoid dusty environments, and can also prevent pollen and dust from outside from getting into the bedroom when the windows are left open.


Wooden shutters offer privacy from the outside world for your child, especially in cramped areas such as London, where homes are often built close together. Shutters can be closed to allow your child to play in peace, and can also help to block out the noise of the outside streets which can be unnerving for your child while focusing on homework or a game.

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